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I am Blair Witkowski, and I was inspired to start this newsletter as one of my goals for 2024. To purposely and candidly share my experiences in the SEO industry.

I am constantly trying to stay at the forefront of current SEO trends and my newsletter is a chance to share what is working and what is not with others. I am attempting to write a weekly newsletter where I can highlight three to five practical things I have learned in the previous week or so.

This is more than just theory; it’s about practical knowledge and successes that can be applied directly to your endeavors.

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What can you expect from Since Last Week? An assorted collage of what’s been learned, built, acquired, and experienced in the world of SEO and Digital Marketing.

  • SEO marketing strategies and tech insights.
  • Personal recommendations on products, tools, and people to follow.
  • Candid reflections on things that sparked joy or frustration in the marketing world and beyond.
  • Tips, ideas, and tricks from my real-world experience in SEO and affiliate marketing.

As a seasoned SEO expert and digital marketing strategist, this newsletter is born from a blend of industry experience and hands-on knowledge. I run a successful SEO agency, Coastal Marketing Strategies, and manage several affiliate websites. I take all this and my constant desire to stay ahead of the SEO curve and channel this in-depth understanding into this newsletter.

However, “Since Last Week” is not just about my journey. It’s about what’s happening in the industry — the new trends shaping the digital landscape, the strategies succeeding, those not, and the emerging techniques still being deciphered. This newsletter reflects the industry’s pulse, offering immediately applicable and beneficial insights, whether you’re a seasoned marketer, a budding entrepreneur, or simply an enthusiast eager to understand the digital marketing realm.

Each issue is crafted with the reader in mind, focusing on delivering value and knowledge that can be implemented. It’s about sharing real-time experiences — successes, failures, and explorations — in a way that resonates with and helps others.

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