The Weekly Recap: #002

As 2024 kicks off, I am heavily focused on Google’s HCU (Helpful Content Update) and how it has impacted several of my more significant websites. I plan to determine whether the sites can be recovered or need to be abandoned.

I know I am not alone in trying to figure this out; as of right now, nobody has a real answer on what to do. The best advice I have heard is to let the sites sit until the next major core update, which might be a wise course of action.

Before I give up on them, I am going to try to bring traffic from other sources, mainly social media. So, we will ramp up Pinterest, Facebook, and X. I will let you know how it goes. There are a lot of folks getting massive traffic and engagement from these platforms. What may surprise you is how often they are posting to actually make a dent. Some FB pages are posting and reposting over 12 times a day! Yes, 12.

I have over 1.4 Million views a month on Pinterest for Tech Writer EDC. The goal will be to see if that can be monetized further.

For this week, My Top Three, here is what we have:

YouTube: Since I primarily do local SEO client work, I am often asked by new SEO’s what YouTube channels are best for learning local SEO. Right now, if you are trying to get a handle on Google Maps, Local SEO, and ranking a client in a particular city, you have to be watching the Wednesday Hump Day Hangout from Semantic Mastery. Of all the guys out there, Bradley and his crew deliver very honest and very actionable advice.

Check out Semantic Mastery here:

Client Social Media: There is no easy way to post to multiple clients’ social media accounts that is anywhere remotely cost-effective. Trust me, I have tried almost everything: Hootsuite, Loomly, Buffer, HeroPost, TailWind, Social Champ, and more. The issue is when you have a team and need multiple seats, the price really starts to jump.

My team needs to post to over 150 different accounts each month spread across Google Business, FB, Instagram, Pinterest, and Nextdoor. Right now, the best bang for your buck out there is Post Planner. Their agency plan allows up to 10 team members across 50 social accounts.

I use it primarily for cost-effective Pinterest posting combined with High Level. Post Planner is easy to use, and the account sync stays active much longer than other platforms. Check them out here.

Map Grid Tracking: Same here; I have tried almost all of them, and right now, my favorite is Local Dominator. If you are doing local SEO, you must have some type of Google Map tool.

At the very least, it allows you to send reports to clients with something they can actually see and understand. One of my favorite features of Local Dominator is the live report view. After you run a scan, Local Dominator gives you a link you can share with clients to a live, dynamic URL. It looks good and is impressive to clients.

While we are talking about reporting, if you want to keep your clients longer, simple and consistent monthly reporting will do wonders in keeping clients for the long haul! It doesn’t matter what you use, and you don’t need a fancy program; a couple of screenshots and a few notes on what was done during the month do wonders for clients feeling good about forking over money to you every month.

Check out this video from John Romaine with Bring the SEO on Simple Client Reports:

Check out Local Dominator here:

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