The Weekly Recap #003

I learned a valuable lesson this week about contact from spam and form abandonment.

But first, let’s hit the easy stuff:

What I’m Reading: I recently signed up for Ryan Stewart’s The Blueprint Agency. I know you ask why; well, I want to keep growing my own agency, and I am always looking for a better way. With his new course comes this book: The Agency Blueprint: A Proven Guide To Make $1m This Year. It’s a short read, and several times I said, “Ah ha,” it’s definitely worth the time and $10 it costs.

What I’m Watching: I am always trying to build a better website and pay a lot of attention to analytics, bounce rates, etc. I came across this video on YouTube this week about 13 Things To Remove From Your Website Immediately and want to pass it along.

Now, I disagree with a few items, especially the press release. A press release is super powerful and is often used incorrectly for SEO purposes. Instead of copying the same press that gets circulated to your website, you should re-write it or make it into an announcement.

I try to announce new SEO projects or website builds on my site as an easy way to give clients the first few backlinks and keep current content on our own blog. Does anyone read them? Probably not, but their SEO benefit far outweighs the hassle.

What I learned: I manage over 150+ client websites, and I can tell you firsthand that the amount of spam a business receives is insane! All these garbage courses teaching newbies to use scrappers and AI programs to fill out contact forms to market to business owners are ridiculous.

To combat this, I use a banned word list and ban any URLs being inserted into any contact form I manage. It works well and cuts down on spam, but I experienced a negative cost this week.

I had a new client call and told me my contact form was broken. Of course, I was surprised, but digging into it further showed me the issue. I ban the phrase “SEO” and any variation of it. I don’t need to be marketed SEO services, nor do my clients.

But, in this case, and as I found others, people on my own website were leaving comments saying, “I need help with SEO”, but the form would not send, and they received a big red message saying your message could not be sent. I am sure you see where I am going with this.

On my own website, it turns out I was losing anywhere from one to three new leads a week because I had banned the most common service words in my business…SEO, web design, marketing, social media, WordPress, etc. I outsmarted myself.

I use WPForms on my websites and all of my clients, and they have some great features, actually a ton of features…most that I don’t use or have even learned. But I did learn one this week, their Form Abandonment Add-On.

If a website visitor inputs their email or phone number and then leaves, the form will save that info. Such a simple thing that has undoubtedly cost me many thousands of dollars. How do I know this? I recovered two new clients this week alone. A brand new website build and a new SEO client.

The lesson here? Getting new clients is challenging regardless of where you are in your career; don’t make it any harder.

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