The Weekly Recap #004

I’ve been in the SEO industry full-time since 2012 when I was doing digital marketing in the auto industry. Since then, I have continually been amazed at what other SEO folks are doing that I had no idea existed or never paid attention to.

What I Learned: This week’s mind-blowing find was Web Stories. I vaguely remember this Google “feature,” but like so many things they roll out, things disappear or fall off the radar. I didn’t realize how powerful Web Stories still are. There are guys out there using consistent Web Stories on their sites as a method of getting into Google Discover.

Google has a WordPress plugin, and with a little effort, you can make some fantastic carousel images that play into the Google acroterium. I can’t give all the nitty-gritty details because I just stumbled upon this, but head over to YouTube and do a little research.

Talking about Google Discover, Tech Writer got picked up! I have not seen any of my reviews or blog posts in Google Discover since October. I wonder if it could have to do with the current Stanley craze.

What I Bought: If you use Zimmwriter and in the Zimmwriter Facebook Group, the name Schieler Mew will instantly be recognizable. This week, he launched a Stock MidJourney Photo Site. He launched it at a monthly subscription of $2.99 but I was too late and had to get into the second round at $4.99 monthly. It’s still a good deal. I only messed around with it for a minute, but check out this AI Head Short I am using on a project:

What I Am Watching: There is never a shortage of video content about SEO I could talk about here, and I do watch more than my fair share every week. I have noticed that many guys are just pumping out massive amounts of video content, and it’s mostly repetitive or a slight variation of what they already said.

It is almost impossible to follow along with some guy’s channels, and there is no ordered flow or reason behind what they publish.

I am constantly trying to teach my team to keep upping our website design game as the internet gets increasingly competitive. You only have a few seconds to win a web visitor over before they bounce, literally, its now down to 10 seconds or less and if two of those seconds are loading time, you are done for.

The guys from Hook Agency have a solid website audit video on their channel. If you do any home service SEO or websites, you will find it interesting.

Check it out here: Multi-State Roofing Website Audit.

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