The Weekly Recap #006

Like all great ideas, the execution is the challenge. Same with writing a weekly recap. The reason I started this SEO newsletter was twofold: I’m selfish and saw it as a great branding opportunity, and, I’m selfish, and it makes me feel good to help and teach others!

Just a few weeks into 2024, and this newsletter is as helpful to make as it is to you, I am sure. It forces me to track and take notes of what I’m doing each week.

My week usually starts off with me writing a master checklist of what needs to be done. I break it up into things I would like to get done, projects that I want to launch, and then a big list of things that must be done.

I still use a notecard for some of this. Do you know why? Because pen and paper still work.

Now, during the week, I am adding to the list, so I have something valuable to share with you on Friday mornings. So, this is what we are going to talk about today:

What I Learned: This week, I took a second, deeper dive into OnPage AI, a tool I’ve had a subscription to for over a year but haven’t fully leveraged until now. Founded by Eric Lancheres, a highly respected SEO expert, OnPage AI has recently undergone significant improvements that have transformed it into an indispensable tool for any SEO professional.

OnPage AI specializes in on-page optimization, offering features like Auto-Optimize and the Stealth Writer, which are designed to enhance your pages and content creation efforts.

The tool’s ability to conduct detailed on-page scans mimics how Google crawls sites, identifying main content, sidebars, footers, headers, and advertisements to provide the most accurate recommendations for optimization.

One of the standout features is the Stealth Writer “Helpful Content” edition, which now includes enhancements like images, personalization, informational gain, call-to-actions, and dynamic research.

This feature alone makes OnPage AI a powerful ally in creating content that ranks well and genuinely engages and converts readers.

What I Watched: One of the YouTube channels I unofficially follow, meaning I don’t subscribe, but like when the algorithm makes it show up in my feed, is Rob from Blog Biznass.

This week, he read the tea leaves into a Twitter post by Lily Ray that another Google update is on the very near horizon. I, for one, hope so! The HCU decimated two of my money-making sites, and I am still salty about it.

You can see the video here and read the Twitter/X post from Lily Ray here. I’m just getting back into reading Twitter, and her tweets are awesome. It’s actually nice to hear some common sense SEO again.

The issue with YouTube SEOs is they have to put out so much content to stay relevant that there is just too many folks talking garbage about stuff they know nothing about.

What I’m Reading: This just broke this morning as I was writing my newsletter – Google Drops Web Stories From Images & Carousel View, well, so much for what I thought was a new way to get back into Google Discover…

I was late to the Web Stories party, but it was quite a trick when it works, it’s actually insane!

For anyone doing client SEO, you need to adapt different strategies to maintain and improve search rankings.

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