The Weekly Recap #007

Some weeks I have realized I need to keep better notes on what I did! I had big plans with lots to say, but alas, this week will be quick.

What I Watched: Nathan Gotch’s Insights on Acquiring SEO Clients

This week, I tuned into Nathan Gotch’s video titled “5 Ways to Get SEO Clients (in 2024).” Nathan shares valuable strategies for attracting SEO clients, emphasizing the importance of making clients come to you.

His approach is built on the foundation of creating a business that draws clients naturally, leveraging various tactics and tools to enhance visibility and attractiveness in the SEO market.

Nathan’s insights are not just theoretical; they are practical steps backed by his own experiences in building his business through SEO. For anyone looking to expand their client base in the SEO industry, Nathan’s advice is a goldmine of actionable strategies.

What I Read: Project Management Best Practices for In-House SEO Teams

I came across an enlightening article on Search Engine Land by Maria Georgieva, discussing “Project management for in-house SEO teams: 6 best practices.” The article dives into the complexities that in-house SEO teams face, juggling numerous projects that range from technical maintenance to new product launches.

It emphasizes the necessity of robust project management to navigate this maze of tasks effectively. The piece outlines six best practices that can transform chaos into strategy, ensuring that SEO efforts align with broader business objectives and contribute meaningfully to the company’s success.

It’s a must-read for SEO professionals looking to enhance their project management skills and optimize their team’s performance. I am still using a Google Sheet with all my steps in a “road map” layout.

What Tool I Use: SEO Writing AI

I have been using this AI tool for a few months now and it’s fantastic! This AI-driven platform offers a user-friendly solution for generating SEO-optimized articles, blog posts, and affiliate content in just a few clicks.

Available in 48 languages and capable of auto-posting to WordPress with AI-generated images, it’s a game-changer for content creators. Whether you’re crafting long-form content, detailed product listings, or optimizing existing content for SEO, this tool provides guidance and efficiency at every step.

Its use of GPT-3 and other machine learning technologies offers unique solutions that set it apart in the market. For anyone involved in content creation, SEO Writing AI is worth exploring to enhance productivity and content quality.

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