The Weekly Recap #012

Man, the world of SEO has been crazier than ever in the last few weeks. What is very apparent is that the majority of SEO gurus out there have no idea what they are talking about!

The Google Updates keep throwing sites into chaos and wiping out jobs, money, and optimism from a lot of website owners.

The most important thing to remember is never to build your castle in someone else’s backyard. Now, when it comes to websites and traffic from the internet, we have little choices.

We must play in the Google landscape, but you must focus on diversification! That doesn’t just mean multiple traffic sources. It means multiple assets…maybe even in the same niche or industry.

If you are building a website, albeit an “affiliate” or “niche” site, or a blog, lead gen, or even a business site, why not build two of them? Yes, build the same thing multiple times in slightly different ways or on different topics, etc.

Separate websites, separate accounts, hosting, analytics, etc..all of it. Maybe only use Microsoft Edge when working on one site and Firefox for the other. Start thinking outside the box.

We have to ask ourselves some hard questions about our traffic loss, manual penalty, and such. Did we make it too obvious? Did we leave a footprint? Were we doing garage SEO and boosting and making it easy to see?

Lily Ray had a great video about this last week. It Definitely made me think. Even if we were getting good advice from legit sources, were we all doing the same thing and making it easy to see?

I am in at least 15 private Facebook groups about SEO and Online Marketing, and I see the same names in multiple groups. We all buy some of the same courses. Heck, who here knows what Dog Food Heaven is? See, we made it obvious.

I don’t know…yet. I have seen a lot, I mean a lot of magazine blog/news style sites perfectly fine after the update. Sites where anyone could see the intent not just fine but thriving.

What did these sites do? It will take more research, but focussing on EEAT is only the start. Actually, EEAT is a joke to me now. How in the world does Google know or not know if I am an expert on pocketknives? I am, actually, and a look at Tech Writer makes that clear, but how does a robot or web crawler know that?

The answer is they can’t. EEAT is just links…yes, links. Basic footprint stuff that the crawlers can see, such as backlinks for Linkedin, directories, other websites, etc. Nothing too fancy.

However, when a manual review comes along, EEAT is needed. You need to make it easy for a less than a dollar an hour employee to see that you are an expert, authenticate, trustworthy, etc. How do you do that to a basic unskilled worker?

You better make it obvious and easy to see as pie. What am I talking bout, you ask? It’s well-known that Google Quality Raters are gig employees going through a checklist when they look at your site. They are not super-trained intellectual folks who are double-checking when you completed the one year of community college you listed in your LinkedIn profile.

Think about it: a robot can’t exactly connect the dots, but it can scan your website code, scan your images, and see your outgoing and incoming links.

Without tools, a human website grader can’t even see the links. So, I suspect these lower-than-Fivver gig folks are coming to your website, checking a few boxes, and calling it a day.

Remember what our parents often said….you only get one chance to make a first impression. So, make sure your site screams expert…then at least you have a 50% chance of making it through the next update.

So, am I disgruntled and dissuaded? Yes, a little, but I have had a wonderful taste of affiliate income, so I will not be beaten this easily. My plan is ten new sites! I am starting ten new projects in different niches, industries, and purposes. I will use A.I. on some and all humans on others. All my own voice-to-text on them.

And all of them will be watertight!

In times like these, remember client work makes you money! I didn’t see any local business sites get hit by HCU, Core Updates, or anything. I even saw crazy huge roofing sites built entirely by obvious A.I. not getting hit. It makes you wonder why.

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