The Weekly Recap #14

Navigating Post-Update Waters

Hello Trusted SEO Friends,

This week’s newsletter brings an unfortunate but crucial update regarding the aftermath of the recent Helpful Content Update. As many of you know, this update promised to prioritize valuable, user-first content, which has shaken the foundations of numerous content-driven sites, including my own.

Project Update: Our affiliate sites, previously a robust source of income generating between $3,000 to $4,000 a month through ads and Amazon commissions, have taken a severe hit. March’s figures plummeted to less than $50, underscoring a dire need for strategic reassessment. Consequently, I’ve decided to start anew with a completely fresh domain. This is not just a reset but a strategic pivot to embrace the evolving SEO landscape with a clean slate.

Obscure SEO Tips for the Dedicated Professional:

  1. Leverage Lesser-Known Schema Types: Most SEOs focus on common schemas like Product and Review. However, consider integrating more obscure types, such as FAQPage, HowTo, and Event schemas, to create rich snippets that aren’t widely targeted by your competitors. These can improve click-through rates and provide a direct line of communication to Google’s understanding of your content’s context and structure.
  2. Prioritize Split Testing on SERP CTRs: Instead of traditional A/B testing on your site, shift some focus towards SERP CTR testing. Use Google’s Search Console to monitor changes in performance when you tweak title tags and meta descriptions. This method, while labor-intensive, can reveal the nuanced preferences of your target demographic and enhance visibility without altering on-site content.
  3. Deep Dive into Server Log Analysis: In a landscape governed by machine learning and sophisticated algorithms, understanding how search engine bots interact with your site at the server level is invaluable. Analyze your server logs to identify crawl behavior patterns and adjust your site architecture and robot.txt files accordingly to guide bot traffic more effectively, ensuring they index the most crucial parts of your site.

As we venture into this uncharted territory, remember that resilience and adaptability are our greatest assets. The only constant in SEO is change, and how we respond defines our path forward.

Keep pushing the boundaries,

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