The Weekly Recap #16

My New Project + Three Must-Try SEO Tips!

Hope this message finds you all diving deep into fascinating projects and finding those SEO gems! This week, I’m super excited to share a bit about a project I’ve been cooking up called Concrete Mastery. It’s designed specifically for the niche market of concrete coating contractors, and I think it’s going to make a real splash.

A Little About Concrete Mastery

Concrete Mastery is my latest venture into the world of SEO for specialized industries. What’s different about this one? It’s all about understanding the specific needs of businesses that deal with concrete coatings and crafting strategies that are just right for them. It’s been a lot of work but also a ton of fun figuring out the best ways to help these businesses shine online.

A Few SEO Tips I’ve Been Loving

Tip #1: Dive Into User Intent for Smarter Keywords

We all know keywords matter, but it’s the why behind the searches that really opens doors. Try to categorize your keywords by the searcher’s intent—like looking for information, finding a specific website, or ready to purchase. Matching your content to these intentions can really boost engagement and rankings.

Tip #2: Boost Your E.A.T. on Important Pages

For those pages that really matter (you know, the ones that talk about health, safety, or wallets), making sure your site shows off its expertise, authority, and trustworthiness is crucial. Let’s not just say we know our stuff—let’s show it with expert-written content and solid references!

Tip #3: Get Creative with Schema Markup

Schema isn’t just for show; it helps Google get our content. Don’t stick to the basics—experiment with different types like FAQPage, Event, or JobPosting to give users (and search engines) more useful info right off the bat.

That’s All For This Week!

It’s been awesome getting to share this slice of my life with you! Remember, SEO is always changing, so keep playing and testing. Drop me a line anytime if you want to chat about these tips or anything else SEO!

Stay curious

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