The Weekly Recap: Launch Edition #001

Introducing “The Weekly Recap”

Like most of my unique ideas and inspirations, the spark for this SEO newsletter came to me in the shower!

Standing there, soaking in unlimited hot water, I was pondering EEAT, the HCU, several recent websites I am working on, and most of all, my new Garage Door Installer Directory launch; I realized that the world needs another SEO newsletter.

After all, there is a lack of SEO knowledge with YouTube, the Internet, social media, and more. I’m just kidding; I know it’s the opposite.

But what the world needs IS an honest SEO newsletter that doesn’t sugarcoat the situation or that is just trying to make some affiliate sales on another JV Zoo weekend special.

Don’t be offended if you, too, have a JV Zoo, Warrior Plus, or any of the other SaaS $47-lifetime special accounts. I must have all of them with multiple purchases in each one, I think they call it the shiney toy sybdrome.

So, amidst resolutions and fresh ambitions for 2024, an idea struck me. I need a challenge, and at the same time, I want to help others learn from my SEO pitfalls and share all the cool SEO stuff I find. This newsletter was born. A weekly post written every Friday morning about my world of SEO and digital marketing.

Last year, I agreed to do one YouTube video a week. I might have done five all year if that. I also failed at several other resolutions that were too lofty. For 2024, writing a short newsletter/blog post each week about in-the-trenches SEO seems much more manageable and, of course, fun.

That’s where “The Weekly Recap” comes in.

This newsletter isn’t just another drop in the ocean of SEO content. It’s a distilled essence of what’s truly happening in the industry, told from my personal experiences, continuous learning, and insights gained from my personal network of SEO friends and proffesionals.

What’s in Store?

Each week, I’ll dive into a range of topics:

  1. Real-World SEO Tips: I’ll share actionable tips based on the tools and techniques I’m currently using, cutting through the noise to give you strategies that really work.
  2. Insights from the Field: The wisdom of my fellow SEO professionals will be at your fingertips, offering a broader perspective on the current digital landscape.
  3. Learning and Laughing: It won’t be all serious, though. Expect tidbits and nuggets on what I’m reading, recommendations on what you should be reading, software discoveries, and some light-hearted moments to keep things engaging.
  4. Success Stories and Stumbles: From new website launches to project updates, I’ll share real-world results, successes, and even the occasional setbacks. It’s all part of the SEO journey.
  5. Staying Current: With a focus on the latest trends, AI advancements, and ongoing developments in SEO, we’ll stay ahead of the curve together.

Why This Matters

I’ve witnessed firsthand the pitfalls of false SEO teachings, especially those rampant on platforms like YouTube. My goal is to cut through that, offering grounded, practical advice to help you navigate the ever-evolving world of SEO effectively.

Yes, I’m well-known in the industry, but “The Weekly Recap” is not about me. I want to make it about current SEO trends. It’s about learning, growing, and succeeding in a field that’s as challenging as rewarding.

So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes in the vast ocean of SEO, join me weekly for insights, laughs, and honest, actionable advice.

Stay curious, stay informed, and let’s make 2024 a year of growth and success. (That’s a decent quote from ChatGPT)

Blair Witkowski

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